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What is the role of the validation in ColdFusion framework?

There are basically three type of the data validation in ColdFusion framework -

  • decision functions

  • client and server side form validation

  • data types and variables

In ColdFusion framework, there are many types of rules and algorithms to define the form validations. For URL hijacking, there are many type of functions which are necessary to be leveraged. Like -

  • isbinary ()

  • isboolean ()

  • isdate ()

  • isdefined ()

  • isxml ()

  • isvalid ()

  • isnumeric date ()

  • issimplevalue ()

  • lsisnumeric ()

The <cfform> tag is helpful in defining the javascript side server validation in the browser. In the <cfinput> tag, mask and validateat attributes are provided. The mask attribute is provided to identify the character patterns in a string. The attribute validateat is provided to identify where the data validation is being occured.

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